...Serving Authentic Pit-Cooked BBQ Since 1975
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Our  Story...

Barnes BBQ...

  • "The Smoke Ring:"  The fiery pink edges on the meat assure you that Barnes BBQ is cooked the old fashioned way.
  • Authenticity:  Barnes uses NOTHING but Oak and Hickory wood, never an artificial heat source (gas or electricity).
  • Consistency:  Barnes BBQ is Pit-Cooked every day for 35 years now, so you know you'll always get the same quality product.
  • Quality:  Barnes uses the freshest, highest quality Boston Butts and premium BBQ style ribs.
  • The Best?  BBQ is a matter of opinion - people have very strong opinions about BBQ; we just have quite a lot of opinions that favor ours. 
 Barnes Signature Sauce... 
  • Family Tradition: Made in house, from scratch, for 35 years; remaining true to its roots.
  • Regional Inspiration:  Drawing inspiration from various regional traditions, Barnes developed their own unique signature sauce.
  • Balance:  A well-rounded ketchup & mustard sauce that's made to go great on everything - pork, chicken, ribs, fries, etc...
  • Versatility:  Barnes sauce is great for dipping; but can be baked, marinated, served cold or hot.

Our Responsibility...
Barnes has always utilized environmentally conscious materials and practices to reduce their impact and keep costs down - allowing them to pass the savings on to the customer.  Here's just a few of the ways: 
  • Efficiently allocating resources - reducing and reusing every way possible.
  • Recycling glass, plastic, and paper - and for the last 5 years recycling in the city container on our premises.
  • Reducing electrical consumption with efficient light bulbs and diligently conserving energy in our offices.
  • Composting all food scraps at the Trustees Garden.

"Its not a trendy thing; we were brought up this way - it was a means of survival, and being aware of our impact." - Owners Hugh and Alan Barnes
Our Community...
Barnes Restaurants and family take great pride in actively participating in their community.  Although we aren't positioned to match the massive contributions some large corporations make to charities; Barnes makes every effort to help where they can.  Whether we donate pans of food, gift certificates, or monetary donations; we try to contribute to those in need.  Even through the regular donations we make to the Savannah City Mission food bank, Goodwill, the Habitat for Humanity Restore; we give back to the community in every way we can.

"We don't do it for the recognition; we do it because we are part of the community and we care about our neighbors.  Lots of needy organizations fly under the radar and fall short on donations." - Owners Hugh and Alan Barnes
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